ID Academy is an extension of ID International Preschool, It aims at providing versatility and brings out the individual potential that one has. It offers Western Dance, Music, Photography, Counseling & Therapy and other services according to the need and demand. ID also encourages young talents who are looking for opportunities.

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Dance – FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the dress code for class?

Kids’ Young people programme – Shorts, bicycle shorts, t-shirts, track pants, body suit, leotards and a pair of cotton socks.

Adults Professional – Track pants, t-shirts, body suit, bicycle shorts and pair of cotton socks

Adults Non-professional – Track pants and t-shirts and for ladies a pair of clean heels.

If i miss two classes is there any compensation class?

We do not provide compensation classes

How many students in a class?

We have around 12 to 15 students per batch.

How many months my kid will take to learn dance?

We suggest every student to dedicatedly practice for minimum 1year for basics.

What is the difference between professional batch and non-professional batch?

Professional dancers are the ones who tell us stories and display emotions with their bodies dance related professions. Non-professional is basically more of social dancing, relaxation or a form of exercise.

Do we have exams to enter other levels?

Yes at the end of every level each students should complete their exams and the qualified will enter the next level.

How do I get certificate and from where?

At the completion of advance level, all the students are eligible to receive their certificates.

If I want to learn at home do you have online programs for that?

NO, we do not have that option yet

Do you teach Bollywood dance?

We teach Bollywood or any other cinematic dance in a separate batch. We do not mix it with Western dance.

I want to learn dance alone do you have any special class for that?

Yes we do conduct private classes, which is basically with just the instructor and you. Based on the availability of the instructor, and the rate for per hour is 450 /- minimum of 8 hours.

If I can join in the non-professional batch now? Next month can I change to professional batch?

Yes definitely you can or you can do both by just paying 50% for the professional batch.

I want choreography for competition / office or school; can u tell me how much it is?

We are sorry we don’t train for any such events.

Do u have free trail session?

Sorry we don’t offer any free trial.

I am planning to conduct a show; can u tell me how much it costs?

Kindly leave us your contact details. We can fix an appointment and discuss it further.

I come from office do u have changing rooms?

Yes we do have a well-equipped changing room and toilet facilities.

Will David be teaching the class?

Yes, he focuses mainly on the children’s batch. But you can reach him for any individual requirements by prior appointment.

Who will be teaching and are your instructors qualified?

Classes are conducted by highly trained instructors who have years teaching experience from the various companies and also the instructors are trained under our artistic director David Samson.

How do I join the ID DANCE S2DIO?

Every year we do something called the dancers hunt; it is an audition for dancers to join the dance company. So you can participate by submitting resume or a bio data so we can call you if any position is available.

Will I get film opportunities?

We can’t give you the assurance but generally a lot of film makers look out for new faces and they come to our studio.

If I bring 2/3/4/6 people can we get any discount?

We are sorry we don’t provide group discounts.

Why are u asking my email id and phone number?

We will add you to our mailing list and keep you updated on any events, workshops etc.

Do u come and teach home?

No. But we do provide private one on one class.

Do u have separate batch for ladies?

Yes we do have exclusive ladies programme

What do I have to carry for the class?

All students are requested to carry a pair of cotton socks, soft towel and preferably your own water bottle.

Do u have discount?

We do not offer discounts for single batch.

Do you select all students for stages shows?

Yes all our students will be participating in stage shows.

What are the benefits if I join in professional batch?

Professional classes is structured programme (like school) lots of stretches, muscle toning, its overall a best way to learn right kind of dancing.

Do you conduct dance shows for your students?

Yes we conduct student showcase twice a year, Lil Boogies & Spotlight.

I want to lose weight which batch do I have to join?

Well, generally people take 2 or 3 batches and they come throughout the week so there is lots of result on the weight loss. You can drop in anytime to have a personal assessment so we can help you better.

I want to join in both the batches is there any discount on it?

If you join more than one batch you get 50 % discount on the 2nd batch.

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