ID Academy is an extension of ID International Preschool, It aims at providing versatility and brings out the individual potential that one has. It offers Western Dance, Music, Photography, Counseling & Therapy and other services according to the need and demand. ID also encourages young talents who are looking for opportunities.

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Dance is a wonderful art that does not only brings out the Creativity & Talent in you, but also teaches discipline.
For many out there, dancing might be just a weekend activity associated with late night parties and loud music. For a few it might be a means of engaging in some sort of physical exercise, socializing or just following a generic norm that everybody else follows. But, dance has much more to it. I believe dance is the only art form that requires a person to be physically, emotionally and mentally active, all at the same time. It has an immense power to integrate the mind, body and soul leaving the dancer transformed from within. When I started dancing, I had a very narrow vision like most people do. All I knew was that I like dancing. And today, although I still have a long way to go and explore much more, I have realized how deeply dance connects the three elements (mind, body and soul) that revolve around the word ‘self.’


Pee Wee (Age 3-6 yrs)

The course is structured to make the kids Laugh, Dance and Learn. It mainly focuses on providing strong basement in Dance, Rhythmic knowledge, Hand eye coordination, Overcoming shyness, Building Character and Self-esteem.

Creative Movement

Pee wee dance


Young learners / Kids (Age 6-18 Yrs)

ID strongly believes that there is no end for dancing, it is a continuous process. To make the class more professional the kids are divided into different levels based on their experience and exposure.


Basics of Ballet, Jazz, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk , Funk, Popping, Locking, House, B-boy.


Exercise & Stretching

Beginners (0-4 yrs)

Intermediate (4-7 yrs)

Advance class (7-10 yrs)

dance classes for jazz

Professional Study (Age 15-30 yrs)

This is a professional course specially structured over various levels for the students who want to achieve an in-depth knowledge in the various dance forms and techniques. This curriculum provides intense training to help them understand various breadths of dance like the competitive aspects including choreography, dance criticism and instructional methods.


Basic Techniques, Jazz, Hip hop, Solo Performance, Jumps & Turns, Funk, Techniques, Musical Theater, Dance Observations, Salsa, Contemporary, Improvisations, Movements Notations





Non- Professional study (Age 21 Yrs & above)

This course is basically structured for Corporates, Call center, Software and other working professionals. The class offers a fun filled stress buster while combining a fitness alternative with basic isolation exercises and workouts. The dance styles incorporate latest socially trending styles like L.A style salsa ( Partnering / Non partnering), Disco, Bollywood ensuring that everyone will learn to shake a leg for the groovy and in tunes of the day.

Bollywood folk dance classes
Zumba fitness classes for ladies in Chitlapakkam

Feel good program for ladies (Fitness IDentity)

Program for ladies (Zumba & Fitness parties) ID DANCE S2DIO offers a unique course for ladies who want o shed a couple of inches and shake off their stress. This specially designed sessions ensures fitness and fun with a combination of dancercise , yoga, cardio mixed with trendy dance styles like Latin, Retro, Disco, Bollywood, Kuthu. Classes are slpit into 3 different stages warm ups, floor exercise stretches, and dance providing a full body workout and toning.

Special packages (Corporate / College / School Workshops, Choreography & Competitions)

Special packages are available, Call us for more info…

Shows / Performances & Competitions

Students if ID are given an opportunity to showcase their talents in our annual event ( SPOTLIGHT & LIL BOOGIES ) and interested students are sent for various competitions ( Professional & Commercial tv shows ).

Event management (Chiroptera events) We also undertake various events like…

Corporate events & Parties


Product promotions & Launch

Artist management


Birthday / Wedding planners

Website / Logo / Designs


Studio for hire

Our studio space is state of the art equipped with wooden flooring, air condition, high quality sound system, ballet barre, toilet and water facilities. They are available for hourly rental during the off class hours for multiple purpose requirements like Rehearsal, Shootings and exhibitions.

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