ID Academy is an extension of ID International Preschool, It aims at providing versatility and brings out the individual potential that one has. It offers Western Dance, Music, Photography, Counseling & Therapy and other services according to the need and demand. ID also encourages young talents who are looking for opportunities.

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Did you know that children learning art from toddler stage actually achieve more benefits other than being creative? There are a lot of researches that scientifically proved that art plays one of the major roles in a child’s brain development. It does help with the mental, emotional, and psychological development at a very early stage. It enhances the sense of creativity, independence and discipline in a child and helps to reach their potential. In addition art also improves the neurological and motor skills; has a lot of positive effects on a child’s individual character and personality.

What are the benefits of an art class?

We all are well aware about the enormous benefits of art, but to make your children realise the importance of team work. It involves a lot of focus and concentration, art clubs or classes train children not just to focus on themselves but also on others so that the whole performance works out and they socialise even better. Even in individual art classes they help children to pay attention to different details. Children learn everything around them quickly by paying attention to more details in different aspects in their lives as they grow up.

Why ID Arts institute?

We at ID art institute encourage our children to explore various form of art; we encourage them to master themselves with a variety of tools and techniques. We teach many ways to express their potentiality and become more creative. As teachers we offer them an environment where it is safe to experiment and create. We also encourage children to have free access to the materials they need and enjoy. We help these tiny artists to become confident and comfortable with their creativity in whatever form in takes.

What we do at ID Art institute?

Choosing the right art classes for your children plays a very vital role. We need to look into art clubs that does not limit the creativity potential of your children. Children learn more from problem solving skills from good guidance and instructions. We at ID arts institute provide a platform where children can engage in experimental art learning with individual attention. We create the best curriculum in place to ensure they receive consistent and quality art education while enjoying the process.

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Yoga is discovered to be one of most beautiful creations for the wellness of mind and body. While one achieves the integration of movement with breathing until they cease to be two separate entities and become single divine energy. The practice becomes an extremely powerful transformation that causes profound changes in our health immediately. It stimulates the metabolic and anabolic processes and improves the circulation of oxygen in the body providing great source of energy. When we talk about yoga, we cannot only refer to the physiological benefits, but we have to mention the positivity and mental well-being. We at ID academy teach you these brilliant techniques to acquire the best in you with knowing your requirements thoroughly.


The most traditional art forms from the ancient that is still chosen for children of current generation, Carnatic music has been the most popular choice of the south Indian diaspora. Well there are enormous reasons why parents who have learnt it or the ones who just enjoy listening to this beautiful music while growing up and wish to pass on the of learning of this captivating musical form to their children. Many others deeply look Carnatic music as a way to connect with culture and tradition that flourishes and nourishes all around the world even today. We at ID academy have brilliant instructors who have been trained under renowned gurus to train your children with the ragas that resonate with the soul.


Indian classical dances are more about understanding the mind, body and soul connection. Learning these dance forms help your children basically to train their mind to focus on one particular thing for long period thus increases concentration and memory. This always helps them to be in the present and be more aware of the present moment. This brilliant form of classical dance training helps the body and muscles regularly; it is bound to improve the physical wellness of your child. We at ID academy have the most experienced Bharatanatyam instructor who can help you on this path to be dedicated and see the transformation.

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