ID Academy is an extension of ID International Preschool, It aims at providing versatility and brings out the individual potential that one has. It offers Western Dance, Music, Photography, Counseling & Therapy and other services according to the need and demand. ID also encourages young talents who are looking for opportunities.

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ID Music School is dedicated to teaching music in a mathematical and scientific way. We primarily focus on giving each student individual attention. We bring out the true musician in you! If music is your passion, we are here to help you develop it.


Exposing your children to music during early age helps them to learn the different sounds and meaning of words easier. Dancing to music helps children to build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression and also helps to strengthen their memory skills and it acts as a therapy.


We at ID music school offer courses that are creatively designed keeping the evolving latest technology in mind, which helps the students, to receive the best music education required to prosper in the music industry. We believe in giving personal attention to each and every student and are not limited to the duration of the course.

What We Do?

We train students according to the syllabus of Trinity Guildhall. We provide fun learning environment for kids and conduct exams regularly. Classes are held in small batches where it is easier for the teacher to focus on each student and help them to overcome their individual limitations. We also take mini course, intense and structured.

Our Courses


Scientists have done a very detailed study by observing the brain activity of musicians as they play music, have found that the discipline of playing music is the equivalent of a complete body brain workout. Not only they strengthen multiple areas of the brain, but also your ability to concentrate, focus and playing music allows us to exercise our brain similarly in other areas of the body. Playing piano or a keyboard will trigger increased patience, concentration and discipline in other areas of your children’s life.


We see playing guitar as a form of happy escapism and a great way to enjoy, a way to create space between an individual and their busy mind bombarded with everyday activities. Well playing guitar is not only beneficial to your overall wellbeing and mental health in other ways, but helps you to develop a greater sense of personal achievement.


Students with professional musical training communicate better with peers, are more empathetic and express their ideas without using words. Learning professional drumming not only teaches you to read non-verbal cues, but helps you to read between the lines. You can be a drummer at any age, in fact learning drums will enhance your life beyond your first few lessons, and as long as you never stop learning. Your Children will have endless opportunities to improve, perform, and be the best musician they dream to become.

Theory Of  Music

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It is derived from observation and involves hypothetical speculation about how musicians and composers make music.

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  • Tuesday & Thursday 7-8 pm
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